Fire protection services

Did you know that each year: Fires in business properties kill 65 people and injure 1,425 more? Fires caused by industrial vehicles represent 36 million dollars in material losses? Do you know the fire hazards in your workplace? How to properly protect your workers, clients and equipment against fire? What type of fire suppression system should you install?

Improve your fire protection processes

  • Develop your methods with our complete offering: consulting, training, inspection, maintenance and installation of specialized equipment.
  • Make your equipment and location comply with the most recent laws and standards to avoid fines.
  • Protect your workers and your assets using the experience of our protection experts who will help you select the right fire protection equipment, while offering support for the installation and maintenance.
  • Avoid costs in the event of a fire due to production disruption; equipment repair and replacement, work stoppage, etc.
  • Intervene more efficiently in case of an incident and avoid gray areas with your insurance company.

SPI has the best intervention team in Canada

  • Certified experts dedicated to fire protection.
  • Recognized expertise built on thousands of interventions carried out at both private and public clients.
  • “A-la-carte” services in “coaching” and/or “turnkey” methods in conjunction with the implementation strategy and the follow-up of the fire protection program.
  • Flexible and personalized approach adapted to your needs.
  • Exceptional customer service that places great emphasis on the respect of people, delays and budgets.
  • Outstanding ability to tackle complex problems that others were unable to resolve.
  • Recognized experience in several sectors of activity; mining and metals, forestry, construction, food industry and food services, automobile industry, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, transport, public and para-public agencies, pulp and paper, chemical, manufacturing, real estate, etc.

Fire protection solutions and services

Our team of specialists cumulates more than 40 years of experience to help tackle your challenges and issues:

  • Propose global, targeted and integrated solutions in your market niche concerning fire protection.
  • Identify and analyze fire safety risks in your company as well as design an evacuation plan compliant with the NFS 60-303 standard.
  • Assess the compliance of your fire suppression system according to the highest standards.
  • Offer pick-up, delivery, maintenance and annual certification of your equipment: hoses, extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, sprinklers, etc.
  • Install and inspect Novec 1230 clean agent systems to control incipient fires and avoid the loss of valuable data.
  • Analyze and certify the air quality of breathable air compressors and related systems every six months, according to the CSA Z180.1 standard.
  • Install signage to identify fire equipment, such as extinguishers and fire hoses, according to the different NFPA standards.
  • Develop and offer coaching for the implementation and follow-up of procedures.
  • Produce a recommendation report regarding the required protection.

Fire protection specialist since 1972, SPI Health and Safety offers a practical webinar on extinguisher handling (available in French only). Our training is provided by qualified trainers dedicated to fire protection.

SPI Health and Safety sells, installs and services all fire safety equipment for the protection of property and people in industrial, commercial and institutional environments.

Fire suppression systems

Protect production equipment in the following business segments:

  • Forestry and mining: generators, trucks, tractors, loaders, tree fellers, etc.
  • Industrial: generators, paint rooms, assembly lines, etc.
  • Restauration: cooking appliances, hoods and ducting.
  • Computer or electrical rooms: FM-200 clean agent, Novec
  • Maritime: boating equipment

Hoses and extinguishers

  • Pick-up, delivery and annual maintenance of extinguishers.
  • Complete service on portable extinguishers and units on wheels (refill, inspection and maintenance).
  • Refill of extinguishers, cylinders and cartridges.
  • Fire hose coupling, repairs and hydrostatic testing.
  • Hydrostatic testing (high and low pressure).

Hydrostatic testing:
Hydrostatic testing must be performed by people who possess practical knowledge of pressure testing methods and are aware of the necessary precautions. They should have access to maintenance manuals and the appropriate facilities.

Low-pressure hydrostatic testing on fire hoses must be performed five years after the initial activation, and every three years thereafter.

Fire hose coupling services:

  • Coupling and recoupling of hoses
  • Single-jacket industrial hoses: 1½ in., 2 in. and 2½ in. diameter
  • Double-jacket hoses: 1½ in. and 2½ in.
  • Snow canon hoses: 1½ in. and 2 in. diameter
  • Firefighter hoses with “Storz” coupling: 1½ in., 1¾ in. and 2½ in. diameter

A hydrostatic test must be performed on the extinguisher each time it shows signs of corrosion or other mechanical damage, notwithstanding the scheduled intervals for hydrostatic testing prescribed in the table hereunder:

Type of extinguisher

Interval (year)

Stored-pressure water, alkaline metal/antifreeze solution

5 years

Wetting agent

5 years

AFFF (Aqueous film-forming foam)

5 years

FFFP (Film-forming fluoroprotein)

5 years

Dry chemical with stainless steel shell

5 years

Carbon dioxide

5 years

Chemical wetting agent

5 years

Stored-pressure dry chemical with mild steel shell, brazed brass shell, or aluminum shell

5 years

Dry-chemical, cartridge or cylinder-operated, with mild steel shell

5 years

Halogen agent

12 years

Stored-pressure dry powder, cartridge or cylinder-operated, with mild steel shells

12 years

Extinguisher, cylinder and cartridge refills:

  • Refill of dry-chemical extinguishers (ABC, BC, Purple K, Class D)
  • Refill of CO2 extinguishers and cylinders
  • Refill of Class K extinguishers
  • Refill of clean extinction agents FE-36, NAFS3 and Halotron
  • Refill of compressed-air cylinders
  • Refill of cartridges (CO2 and nitrogen)
  • Refill of water extinguishers

Cylinder reconditioning:
Sometimes, extinguishers are subject to conditions and work environments that alter their general appearance. It is possible for you to have your extinguishers reconditioned, including sandblast cleaning, painting, identification, etc.

Installation of signage to identify fire equipment, such as fire extinguishers and hoses to comply with different NFPA standards.

Fire alarms

Detect incipient fires or be notified as soon as possible if you are not on site with the installation of fire alarm systems in order for you to react promptly.

We offer installation, inspection, maintenance and modification services.

Every fire alarm system must be verified once a year by a specialized company.

  • CAN/ULC-S524 – Standard for the Installation of Fire Alarm Systems
  • CAN/ULC-S536 – Standard for the Inspection and Testing of Fire Alarm Systems
  • CAN/ULC-S537 – Verification of Fire Alarm Systems

Emergency lighting and evacuation plan

SPI offers the verification and installation of emergency lighting to ensure they comply with the different standards:

  • NFC (National Fire Code = NFC- and NFC-
  • CSA (Canadian Standards Association C282)

We offer on-site analysis of your data, and we design your evacuation plan according to the NFS 60-303 standard: “floor or building plan that illustrates the necessary steps for the evacuation of persons, and on which first response guidelines are found.” Also, note that “plans posted should be up to date in case of modification.”


We offer inspection services for building sprinklers and fire pumps as well as the annual fluid replacement as required by the NFPA 25 standard to ensure the proper functioning of the system. Inspection report and certificate of conformity provided.

Clean agents

Avoid loss of data or production with our FM-200 or Novec 1230 system installation and inspection services according to NFPA-2001 and NFPA-72 standards. These systems allow you to control incipient fires without the fire or water damaging your equipment due to the activation of fire protection systems.

Gas detection systems

The installation of a fixed gas detection system is the optimal solution to protect your business, your employees, and your customers from harmful gas leaks or high levels of noxious gases in your workplace.

Breathable air compressors

We offer the necessary tests and analyses to verify the quality of breathable compressed air every six months, according to the CSA Z180.1 standard in order to ensure it can compare to outside air. Following these analyses, a certificate of conformity and an analysis report will be provided to you.

Protective equipment and clothing

SPI Health and Safety is the largest private distributor of fire protection products and clothing in Canada. You will find all NFPA and CSA-approved protection to meet your needs.

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