Working at heights and fall protection

Are you certain your facilities comply with the standards for working at heights? Do you know where your risk areas are, and how to manage them? What working at heights training can you offer to your personnel?

Improve your practices when working at heights

  • Take advantage of our complete fall protection offering; consulting, training, engineering, installation, PPE inspection, fall arrest systems certification, sales and rentals of specialized equipment.
  • Make your work teams comply with the most recent regulations specific to working at heights; CSA Z259 standard, OSHA requirements and the Safety Code for the Construction Industry.
  • Identify work-related risks and/or rescue situations in order to meet all internal requirements as well as corporate audits.
  • Establish a policy for working at heights, as well as standardized systems adapted to the reality of your business.
  • Benefit from our expertise built on thousands of projects and achievements dealing with issues of working from a height:
    • Accessing and securing of the roof: ladders, lifelines, roof anchors, guardrails, etc.
    • Safe work or access above vats, tanks, conveyors, aircraft, trucks, furnaces, etc.
    • Protection of workers when accessing or working on scaffolding, towers, etc.

Your top experts in Canada

  • Take advantage of our team of specialists certified by various manufacturers as well as our engineering office to inspect your fall arrest systems and equipment according to the highest standards, in addition to designing tailored solutions to meet your specific needs. In this sense, we can turnkey the entire fall protection topic on any concern that may apply to legislated regulations and compliance issues.
  • Benefit from the exceptional quality of our customer service that places a great emphasis on the respect of people, delays and budgets, as well as our outstanding ability to tackle complex problems that others were unable to resolve.
  • Take advantage of our presence on the CSA Committee (voting member of the CSA Z259.13 Committee), and our recognized experience in several sectors of activity; mining and metals, construction, food industry, pharmaceutical, aeronautics, transport, public and para-public agencies, pulp and paper, chemical, manufacturing, etc.

Solutions and services for working at heights

  • Identification of hazardous situations at work and rescue from heights to ensure that fall protection becomes a priority in your workplace.
  • Develop your fall protection program for working at heights and contribute to finding new ways of doing things.
  • Audit of your management program for working at heights to assess its flaws and deficiencies.
  • Develop access, work and rescue from heights procedures and recommendations on the appropriate equipment and solutions for a more consistent application.
  • Compliance validation: are the equipment standardized and the systems installed in a compliant and optimal manner?
  • Fall protection concepts and solutions (access, work and rescue).
  • Drawings, engineering and workshop plans.
  • Technical surveys to identify variables and components that may impact solutions and projects.
  • Development of proposed solutions; steel beams, anchors, etc.

Installation of fall protection solutions and systems, such as:

  • lifelines
  • fixed anchors on the ground or wall
  • rigid railings
  • fixed ladders
  • guardrails
  • solutions designed by our engineering team
  • SPI Health and Safety has all the specialized equipment for the inspection of your fall protection systems, including lifelines, safety harnesses, fixed anchorage points, guardrails, railings, ladders, etc.
  • Our team is accredited as an authorized service center by several renowned manufacturers for harness inspection, recertification, and maintenance of your other fall protection equipment. The equipment includes safety harnesses, lanyards, fall arrest hoists, self-retracting devices, lifelines, anchors, etc.
  • We also own many mobile service trucks (SAM) available to provide services directly at your workplace.

SPI Health and Safety is providing all the required training for rescuing or working at heights. The training is accredited by most major clients.

Our training is practical, customized and adapted to your reality. Each of them is given by experienced and dedicated fall protection trainers. To date, we have trained thousands of people in all areas of activity.

For more information on our working at heights training, click here.

Training is given at your workplace or our unique training center in Canada. Some training is offered as “public sessions” at our training centers of Blainville, Sudbury, North Bay and Timmins.

Contact us at 1-877-544-0911 to register or discuss your individual requirements.

SPI Health and Safety has developed a database with two applications to support your challenges when working at heights.

Our applications help:

  • To maintain the inspection standardization, through the archiving of inspection records for the equipment, and with summary and detailed reports.
  • To automate the follow-up of PPE inspections, harness recertification and maintenance of fall protection equipment and systems to ensure compliance with CSA standards and manufacturers’ guidelines.

SPI Health and Safety is the largest private distributor of fall protection products in Canada. Whether you are searching for our Kosto brand products or any recognized national brands, you will find what you are looking for.

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