Each year, SPI organizes several FREE events such as:

  • Lunch and Learn – Lunch Conferences
  • Webinars
  • Think Prevention Roadshow

The purpose of these events is to educate workers and employers, and have them reflect on the importance and benefits of good corporate health and safety management. Our specialists will inform you about industry news, such as new standards or even revisions, new innovative product technologies, training based on available applications and more.

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Here is the schedule of our events for 2020: Coming soon!



September 30, 2020

Respiratory Protection Program: An Overview of its Crucial Elements and Challenges, presented by 3M

When airborne contaminants are present the workplace, employers are required to first reduce or eliminate the hazard at the source. In the event that these measures are inadequate, respiratory protective equipment is required to reduce the risk of exposure. Register to our free webinar, presented by SPI Health and Safety and 3M to learn more about respiratory protection.



October 15, 2020

Mining Industry: What to Wear to Stay Protected, presented by Big Bill

Many industrial settings and different sectors of activities produce some of the most dangerous working environments. The mining industry workers will need a specific type of workwear to protect them against explosions, harsh chemicals, and dust. The current standard and requirements specific to the mining industry can create a certain complexity in finding the right protective workwear and caring for it. Register to this free webinar presented by SPI Health and Safety and Big Bill to learn about the recommended best practices for your workwear.



November 4, 2020

Level-up your hearing protection program, presented by Honeywell

The risk of noise-induced hearing loss is often ignored until too late since hearing loss occurs gradually and causes no pain. Once impaired, hearing cannot be restored, and damaged audition could have a severe impact on your health, job performance, and productivity. Fortunately, several measures remain to control noise exposure. By participating in this free webinar presented by SPI Health and Safety and Honeywell and learn more.


November 19, 2020

FREE WEBINAR: Find Your Best Personal Protective Equipment with Ansell Guardian Program, presented by Ansell

Every industry has its own realities and stakes and finding new ways to reduce PPE costs without sacrificing workers’ safety might be a challenge on its own. By participating in this free webinar presented by SPI Health and Safety and Ansell, you’ll learn more about how the Ansell Guardian Program can help your company select the right personal protective equipment solution to improve your safety, productivity, and cost performance.