• SAM - Technical Services

Our technical services

Our Technical Services Department is offering you the opportunity to connect with certified technicians for the maintenance, inspection and certification of your equipment, either at your workplace or our facilities.

Mobile Service Unit or Fixed Workshop services

When performing maintenance, two options are available to you: mobile service units (SAM) or fixed workshops. In both cases, certified technicians will take care of your equipment in accordance with NFPA and CSA standards.

Our difference : our equipment management program

We are also offering the opportunity to build a long-term program solution with you for the management of your equipment. It can be on a regular basis or depending on your usage:

  • Recording of each inspection, calibration and/or certification according to the standards and the manufacturer’s specifications;
  • Automated reminders including a summary of the equipment coming due;
  • Protocol and actions to be taken to ensure the compliance and smooth functioning of the equipment.

They will be gladly accompany you in your reflections on your concerns.