Tilsatec Rhinoguard Velcro Close Neck Guard

TCA143 MFG #: TTP471-BIB
$62.98 /
  • Brand: Tilsatec
  • Coating Material: Polyurethane
  • Color: Grey
  • Delta Last Modified: 6/28/2021 3:57:00 PM, 7/15/2021 9:39:00 AM
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Enrichment Level: Phase 1
  • Enrichment Status: New
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): WINDSOR TEXTILES LTD
  • Material: Synthetic Woven
  • Material details: ANSI A5 cut resistance EN388: 2016 level E cut resistance Extreme levels of puncture, cut, liquid and flame resistance ASTM F2878-10 hypodermic needle test: 5.7 Newtons (ANSI level 2)
  • Model Number Color: TCA143_10
RHINOGUARD™ is a highly engineered textile composite designed to provide the highest levels of protection against a wide range of puncture hazards. Constructed from an innovative combination of advanced fibers, modified fabric structure and a unique coating technology to deliver high levels of protection against both large and small puncture threats (including needles and syringes).