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As of January 17, clients who do a Fit Test with one of our team members will be required to present their vaccination passport and a valid ID.

Did you know that SPI Health and Safety specializes in respirator fit testing? Our passionate experts are equipped and ready to help you.

At this time when protection is essential, it’s crucial to ensure that respiratory protection equipment truly protects workers.

Given the current situation surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19), we would like to reiterate that the health and safety of our customers and employees remains our priority.

We have focused all our efforts on implementing additional safety measures so that we can continue to offer our respirator fit testing service to our customers in branches and at their place of business.

Our employees now follow strict safety protocols to ensure complete protection:

  • Hygiene measures recommended by the authorities are followed at every step.
  • A self-declaration form must be completed by all participants.
  • New safety procedures will be followed before, during and after all appointments.

SPI's fit test in four questions:

1. What is a fit test?

A respirator fit test (qualitative or quantitative) must be carried out to determine the user's ability to achieve a satisfactory fit and to ensure a tight seal when wearing a full-face mask.

The respirator must be selected for each individual, according to a specific model and size to ensure the best possible seal and protection.

These tests allow testing and comparison of the many models of respiratory protection equipment available on the market and the selection of the most suitable. They should be repeated at least every two years or when there is a change of equipment, or even a physical change, such as weight loss.

To make an appointment, call us at 1-866-861-8111.

2. Which branches offer the fit testing service?

Our branches in Blainville, Jonquière, Val-d'Or, Thunder Bay, Saskatoon and Sept-Îles currently offer the fit testing service. Our team also travels within the company. Consult the addresses of our branches.

3. How much time should I allow for my qualitative fit test?

The average appointment varies from 10 to 20 minutes per person.

4. What types of procedures have you put in place to ensure the safety of individuals?

Our clients must complete a waiver form with key questions regarding the risk of exposure and symptoms of the COVID-19.
Also, protocols are in place for the removal and complete cleaning of protective equipment.

Contact us to make an appointment or for any other health and safety inquiries at 1-866-861-8111.

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