PIP Canada hard hats: local products that perform

PIP Canada hard hats: local products that perform

3/16/2021 - SPI

Like the welder’s torch, the hard hat has become an essential piece of health and safety equipment for any worker over the years. However, it can be complicated to find the hard hat that best suits you and your work requirements.

PIP Canada helps you make the right choice by offering you a range of Dynamic branded hard hats with all the elements you need.

CSA certification

Did you know that PIP Canada has its own in-house CSA-approved testing laboratory for the certification of personal protective equipment?

All products developed by PIP Canada comply with all applications of the CSA standard. No matter your business sector, the company offers the very best in comfort, performance, and security.

As for the selection, the range of available items, especially the range of hard hats, is outstanding:

  • Wide-brim polycarbonate hard hat
  • Short-brim hard hat made of lightweight HDPE
  • Industrial climbing helmet
  • Hard hat with reflective tape
  • Welding helmet
  • And much more!

Canadian manufactured products

The objective is to always offer the very best hard hats, all made in Canada using state of the art robotics. This way, PIP Canada ensures rigorous product creation by adapting them to the unique Canadian weather while creating many jobs across the country.

Product customization is also made in Canada and includes logo creation, graphic design, and tailor-made accessories for the helmets (such as reflective tape).

Hard hat individual customization

The hard hats offered by PIP Canada are also customizable with components and accessories.

You want to add a visor or mounted earmuffs? Nothing simpler, as all PIP Canada hard hats allow you to do it yourself! A quick and easy installation so that all workers can wear their protective equipment comfortably.

Inevitably, your hard hat will show signs of wear. It is possible to only replace the suspension headband instead of the entire device. It is a simple and less costly solution.

You can also interchange parts, such as suspensions and foam sweatbands (for type 2 hard hats according to the CSA standard), with any model.

Hard hat customization is your thing? PIP Canada offers many options to add your logo and guarantees the work within 15 days only.

It is also important to mention that specific hard hats are available in different colors, already in stock, and ready for delivery.

Exclusive Sure-Lock adjustable suspension

When purchasing a PIP Canada hard hat with a Sure-Lock suspension, you are guaranteed an exceptional helmet suspension with three unique attributes:

  • Ratchet tilted downward for improved stability of the hard hat on your head
  • Easy one-handed adjustment, even when wearing gloves
  • Comfort padding integrated into the crown and suspension

The unique safety helmet Rocky now available!

You are looking for an industrial climbing helmet type 1 or 2 (Class E) that is CSA-approved and exceeding the requirements of the industry? Don’t search any further! The Rocky helmet is the only one in this category to offer the type 2 CSA certification in Canada.

Besides being compatible with all PIP Canada accessories, the hard hat is available at a highly competitive price.

Interested in the Rocky helmet?