Showa 814 14'' Cotton Lined PVC Coated Work Gloves for Abrasive Chemical Applications

$4.97 /
  • Canadian suppliers: Yes
  • Coated: Yes
  • Delta Last Modified: 12/2/2021 4:17:00 PM
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  • Quebec suppliers: Yes
  • Brand: Showa
  • Coating Material: PVC
  • Protection Type: Resistance against chemicals, Water repellent
  • Industry: Agriculture, Construction, Food, Hunting and fishing, Manufacturing
These high-quality PVC coated work gloves are excellent for providing you with optimal protection against chemicals and abrasion.
Despite a soft jersey lining to increase the comfort of your hand, this glove does not lose any dexterity. The PVC provides a non-slip grip that is extremely useful, even in wet and oily environments.
These work gloves are CFIA approved for food handling.