Working at heights training (CPO Approved)

Course description

The course includes two modules of 4 hours: theory module and practical equipment module. The objective is to enhance the participant’s knowledge concerning working at height and fall protection methods and industry standards, work planning, components of an efficient and operational system as well as the performance, use, maintenance and inspection of various types of available equipment. You will also learn how to interpret and comply with legislated fall protection regulations.

Module 1 : Theory

Workers will understand their rights and responsibilities as well as how to properly identify the hazards of working at heights. Terms and definitions will be discussed along with statistics, safety procedures, case studies and the hierarchy of controls. This theory module includes, eliminating or controlling the hazards, warning methods, physical barriers, ladders, power elevated work platforms and personal fall protection equipment including proper use and product limitations. Suspension trauma is also covered in depth.

Module 2: Practical equipment

This module focuses on a hands on approach with personal fall protection equipment. Items such as harnesses, lanyards, energy absorbers, carabiners, snap hooks, self-retracting lifelines, horizontal lifelines, anchor points and rescue equipment will be introduced. Participants will understand how to properly inspect their equipment, don and doff a harness, calculate the required fall clearances and develop a written rescue plan.

This course has met the requirements under O.Reg. 12/04 as Director Approved continuing Education. Operators will receive 0.7 continuing education credits for this course.

Specific objectives

Overview of the legislation, regulations and standards specific to working at heights, including risk identification and protective measures.

Teaching strategies

  • Descriptive teaching using audiovisual tools
  • Interactive discussions with students according to the training objectives to achieve
  • Handling of personal, collective and fall protection equipment

Cancellation and substitution policy
Payment method: MasterCard, Visa
Lunch included.

Footwear Required

Propriétés de l'événement

Date de l'événement décembre 12, 2018 8:00 am
Date de fin décembre 12, 2018 5:00 pm
Durée (Heures) 8
Prix $495
Langue de cours This course is given in English. Ce cours est donné en anglais.
Lieu North Bay
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