Endura® Split-Leather Drivers Gloves with Cowgrain Palms

$9.98 /
  • Applications: General use
  • Brand: Superior Glove
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  • Industry: Agriculture, Construction
  • Protection Type: Abrasion resistance
  • Shell Material: Leather
Since these Endura® split-leather driver gloves are lightweight but long-lasting, they are a fantastic choice for those looking for comfortable, dependable hand protection. Featuring a gunn-cut pattern, both the split-leather outer shell and grain cowhide palms provide the best in abrasion resistance, are naturally durable, and offer great dexterity and water repellency.

Snug-fitting with a good sense of touch, these gloves feature an elastic at the back of cuff. The all-purpose comfort of leather makes these gloves indispensable.