Endura® Kevlar® and Thinsulate™-Lined Impact-Resistant Goatskin Driver Gloves

$85.98 /
  • Brand: Superior Glove
  • Cut resistant: ANSI Level A5
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  • Impact resistant: ANSI/ISEA 138 Level 2
  • Industry: Construction, Mining, Oil and gas
  • Protection Type: Abrasion resistance, Resistance to impact, Water repellent, Oil repellent
  • Puncture resistant: ANSI 4
  • Temperature: -20°C (-4°F)
Impact-resistant back-of-hand protection safeguards against knocks and bumps without impeding flexibility or dexterity
Padded palm for vibration dampening
Kevlar® and composite filament fiber lining, ANSI Cut-Level A5 protection
High tensile strength goatskin provides outstanding abrasion resistance
Water and oil repellent
Specially selected assortment of Thinsulate™ linings for greater warmth