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Technical services


  • After-sales equipment control and monitoring
  • Best cost of ownership for your long-term needs
  • Financing program*

* Certain conditions apply, ask your representative for more details.


  • Prevents unnecessary capital investment
  • Equipment programmed according to your needs
  • Adjusts your quantities quickly, according to your needs
  • Rental options while awaiting repairson your equipment
  • Compliance guaranteed


  • Maintenance, inspection and certification of your equipment in our workshops or at your facilities, as our Services Are Mobile (SAM)
  • Our technicians are certified by the manufacturers to comply with NFPA and CSA standards and specifications


  • Each inspection, calibration or certification is recorded according to the manufacturer’s standards and specifications
  • Automated reminders, including the summary of the equipment due to expire
  • Procedures and actions to be taken to ensure compliance and proper functioning of the equipment


We offer a wide selection of specialized products, and technical services to help you get the job done quickly and as safely as possible.


Whether your team is working at heights, or in confined spaces, we have the right tools for every situation. We offer a wide array of fall arrest and fall protection equipment such as lanyards, self-retracting lifelines, safety harnesses, and rescue equipment.

Fall protection & confined space equipment :

  • Adjustable and retractable lanyards;
  • Shock absorbing lanyards;
  • Rope lanyards;
  • Energy absorbers;
  • Tripod hoist stands;
  • Universal, full body & padded safety harnesses;
  • Kevlar harness;
  • Roofing harness;
  • Top brands harnesses such as Miller, DBI Sala, Exofit and Titan;
  • NanoLok, Miller, DBI Sala, Rebel, and Protecta self retracting lifelines.

Emergency & fall rescue equipment:

  • Rope rescue equipment;
  • Retrieval harnesses;
  • Rescue hoists and rescue cradles;


Are your workers exposed to dangerous gases, dust or particles? Make sure they are well protected with the appropriate respiratory protection. Our specialized equipment inventory includes dust masks, respirators, filters, and cartridges.

Respiratory protection masks and respirators:
  • Silica dust & asbestos masks/respirators;
  • Dust face mask and respirator masks;
  • Welding and protector respirator masks;
  • Half mask and full-face respirator masks;
  • HEPA particulate breathing masks;
  • Breathing and protective masks;
  • Powered air respirators, and powered air purifying respirators;
  • 3M dust masks and 3M respirators;
  • 3M N95, N99, M95, N100, P100 masks;
  • 3M adflo, 3M versaflo TR 300 and TR 600;

Mask filters:

  • HEPA mask filters;
  • Face mask filters;
  • 3M mask filters and filter cartridges;

Mask cartridges:

  • Face mask cartridges;
  • 3M respirator cartridges;
  • North respirator cartridges;

Supplied Air Breathing Apparatus

Gas Detection

Gas detection is an essential part of working safely and tools have evolved tremendously over the years. Our tools include carbon monoxide and dioxide detectors, radon detectors, gas monitors, and gas detectors.

Carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide detection


  • CO2 sensors and monitors;
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) detectors and alarms;
  • Carbon monoxide (CO) testers and monitors;
  • Portable carbon monoxide detectors;

Gas monitoring

  • 4 gas personal monitors;
  • Methane gas detectors, monitors, and meters;
  • Radon gas test kits, detectors, monitors, and meters;
  • Draeger, MSA, and other top brands gas detectors;
  • Calibration station, calibration gas cylinders, regulator and sampling pump.