Protect Your Ears with the VeriShield 100 Series

Different working environments can produce some of the most harmful levels of industrial noise. Noise-Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is a very serious risk for workers since NIHL is painless, gradual, and invisible. This means the damage is often done long before it is noticeable.

Fortunately, hearing loss can be averted with the right tools. It is easily doable by:

  1. Having a good Hearing Conservation Program:

The implementation of a complete Hearing Conservation Program is required where hearing protection is needed. The CSA Standard Z1007 Hearing Loss Prevention Program (HLPP) Management suggests that it includes the following elements: hazard identification and exposure monitoring, control methods, workers’ training, record keeping, audiometric testing, hearing protection (selecting, use, and maintenance) and program evaluation.

  1. Eliminating or reducing the source of the noise with engineering methods

  2. Wearing the right hearing protection equipment

What should I know before choosing ear protection equipment?

Ear protection equipment helps reduce the risk of hearing loss and diminish the workers’ exposure to the noise level. Individuals who work in an environment where the noise level exceeds 85 decibels (dBA) need to wear hearing protection.

Hearing protection equipment needs to fit properly and should be worn regularly to maintain its effectiveness. Earphones and headsets shouldn’t be worn as a substitute for hearing protection equipment since they do not protect the ears against the noise.

VeriShield 100 Series

The VeriShield 100 Series from Honeywell offers a wide range of options that ensure comfort and protection against every noise level for every worker.

It is designed to be worn with other personal protective equipment (PPE) such as hard hats or face shields and can be attached in just 7 seconds. It comes in low, mid, and high attenuation (NRR) levels and a high-visibility version.

  • Adjustability: 17% more adjustable than earlier versions– the VeriShield helmet earmuffs comfortably fits a different range of head sizes.
  • Wide cup opening: The opening area of the cup is 16% increased over earlier versions– ideal for workers with larger ears, or ones who wear hearing aids.
  • Cushioned headband: The lightweight cushioned headband adds micro-adjustment precision designed for having the right fit around the ear.
  • Memory foam ear cushions: The innovative memory foam combines dense and soft foam for greater comfort.
  • Robust construction: The oil-resistant cup surface repels oil, resist frequent cleaning, and heavy-work environments.
  • Air Flow Control Technology: Honeywell’s Air Flow Control technology offers optimum attenuation across all frequencies.

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