Ninja Glove: Easy and Complete Hand Protection

At work, hands are one of the most at risk of injury. Workers’ hands are threatened by cuts, heat, burns, laceration, and abrasion.

  • Hand injuries make up over 28% of workplace incidents.
  • And out of these incidents, 70% of workers were not wearing gloves.

What Is Hand Protection and Why Use it?

The most popular personal protective equipment to protect hands is safety gloves. You can also find finger guards, barrier creams, sleeves, or arm coverings on the market, all designed to ensure workers’ hands, fingers, and arms’ safety.

Hand injuries rank the highest in preventable incidents. A recent Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) study concluded that over 71% of hand and arm injuries could have been prevented. How? Simply by using the appropriate protection−such as protective gloves.

The solution? Finding the right glove you’ll want to wear, and that will protect your hands against the risk you face at work.

Ninja Gloves: Top-Of-The-Line Hand Safety

Ninja gloves guarantee the highest level of innovation and hand protection technology available.

MCR Safety Ninja® is designed with the newest applications, coatings, and materials to build reliable hand protection. They blend a high-quality shell with a polymer material to offer users superior protection and the comfortable grip they need at work.

The Ninja series is more elegant and user-friendly than its traditional counterparts. Each glove is sleek, stylish, and comfortable! They’re also armed with advanced features to entice workers to keep their gloves on all day and reduce any risk of a hand injury:

  • Actifresh-Treated 

The Ninja gloves are treated with Actifresh®. This treatment is an antimicrobial agent that kills bacteria caused by perspiration and promotes freshness to extend the gloves’ life.

  • Bi-Polymers 

Combing polymers leverages the strength of each individual polymer. The result? A stronger barrier of protection. The strength of nitrile combined with polyurethane’s (PU) tactility creates one tough glove that doesn’t sacrifice the sense of touch.

  • Breathable Nitrile Foam (BNF) 

Breathable Nitrile Foam provides comfort and more extended wear. Its excellent breathability abilities allow the glove to better disperse body heat.

  • Impact and Chemical Resistance 

The Ninja glove offer impact and liquid resistance.

  • Hydropellent™ Technology (HPT) 

The Hydropellent™ Technology is a PVC-based coating that repels water, making it a great fit for wet and icy conditions.

  • Featherweight PU 

The lightest glove is found in the Ninja® Lite series. It is 30% lighter compared to standard PU gloves.

  • Reinforcements 

Critical wear areas such as the thumb crotch are reinforced to avoid breakage.

  • Gripping Power 

Nitrile BNF provides superior grip! Ideal for tasks that need dexterity.

  • Ninja Gloves Support Sustainability 

MCR Safety helps to reduce their carbon footprint and waste impact on the world.

Ninja Work Gloves

Not all workplace applications require the same protection. However, workers still need sturdy and reliable safety from many different hazards.

General-purpose Ninja® gloves offer protection from the all-too-common abrasion injury and provide great dexterity and a sleek form-fitting style.

Industry and Applications

  • Gardening
  • Construction work
  • Handling construction site materials
  • Gripping boxes
  • Gripping tool

Ninja BNF Evolution Ingenia Shell Work Gloves

Sustainability is at the center of this work glove focus to reduce its carbon footprint. 1/3 of this glove’s material comes from sustainable sources, so you know you’re making a smart and safe choice.

This Ninja work glove features a comfortable and breathable Ingenia® shell coated with new foam technology that provides superior moisture absorption to offer superior grip strength.

Stay fresh all day! These work gloves are treated with ActiFresh® to prevent odors and eliminate bacteria caused by perspiration.

  • SPI product number: MGC491
  • Puncture resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • Heat resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • 37% of its material composition are ingredients of renewable origin
  • Excellent moisture-wicking properties
  • Breathable and easy to wear
  • Compatible with touch screens


Ninja Nylon and Lycra Work Gloves

This work glove is made of 15-gauge nylon and lycra shell and features a bi-polymer coating on the palm and fingertips for high abrasion resistance.

These nylon work gloves offer high dexterity and a good sense of touch when you need to tackle more delicate tasks such as small part assembly.

  • SPI product number: MGC492
  • Abrasion resistance: ANSI Level 4
  • Dark colors hide dirt and grime
  • Treated with ActiFresh® to prevent odor and eliminate bacteria caused by perspiration


Ninja X4 HyperMax Shell Work Gloves

The Ninja X4 work glove features a comfortable, snug-fitting, and cut-resistant 13-gauge Hypermax shell with black bi-polymer coated palm and fingertips for high abrasion resistance.

  • SPI product number: MGV332
  • Cut resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • Black palm hides dirt and grime
  • Ergonomic design for minimal hand fatigue
  • Easy and comfortable to wear on long, hard days


Ninja Lite

Superior tactile sense for a bare-handed feel

The Ninja Lite glove is a great option if you need dexterity while maintaining sturdy protection against hazards.

Made of incredibly resilient, flexible, and durable polymer, these safety gloves provide users with an incredibly sensitive sense of touch and high abrasion resistance.


Safety knitted gloves are constructed with yarn and range from 7 to 18 gauge.

  • The Lower gauge of yarn: the thicker the glove
  • The higher gauge of yarn: the thinner the glove (allows great dexterity)


Eighteen stitches knitted per inch

Featherweight styles


Fifteen stitches knitted per inch

Ultra-Lightweight styles


Thirteen stitches knitted per inch

Lightweight styles


Ten stitches knitted per inch

Medium-weight styles


Seven stitches knitted per inch

Heavyweight styles

The Ninja Lite safety glove combines a flexible PU coating and an 18-gauge shell to offer comfort and abrasion resistance.

It’s a great option that many workers use for all-day comfort and precise grip. This glove is 30% lighter than traditional nylon/PU safety gloves making it a great choice to tackle delicate tasks.

Industry Applications

  • Intricate assembly
  • Small parts handling

“These are my favorite gloves! As an electrician, I have to have dexterity in my fingers. These gloves are great - thin but strong.”

MCR Safety Happy Customer

Ninja Lite Work Gloves

This Ninja work glove features a polyurethane coating on the fingertips and palm. Its 18-gauge athletic-grade nylon shell offers a lightweight fit for enhanced tactile sensitivity.

This work glove feels like a second skin and is as light as a feather. Stay fresh all day with the help of its ActiFresh® treatment that prevents odor and eliminates bacteria caused by perspiration.

  • SPI product number: MGC490
  • Abrasion resistance: ANSI Level 3
  • Latex-free
  • 30% lighter for better tactile sensitivity
  • Provides excellent dexterity


Ninja Ice: The Ideal Winter Safety Gloves

Designed for the Coldest Winter Months

Working with cold hands is challenging and problematic. Stiff hands can be dangerous to a workers’ safety and could slow them down. Finding a high-quality winter safety glove that allows workers to do their tasks is key.

The Ninja Ice was designed to offer features that ensure hand protection in the harshest winter conditions:


The Ninja Ice protective glove features a 7-gauge acrylic terry liner that offers insulation and warmth. The lining blocks the outside cold and traps your natural body heat inside the glove to keep you comfortable.


The Ninja Ice glove has a 15-gauge outer nylon shell that provides excellent dexterity and a sense of touch.

Repel liquids

We know, weather conditions do change quickly! If you work outdoors or in a wet or damp environment, the water-resistance level of a glove is essential.

The Ninja Ice features a porous HPT coating that repels liquid and offers a firm grip in any conditions.

The encapsulated air molecules trapped in the coating provide a cushioning effect to minimize the impact.


The glove’s coating remains soft in temperatures up to -20°C / -4°F, unlike other PU-coated gloves that offer limited flexibility in lower temperatures.

“I'm working with frozen products. The place that I keep my hands in is 10 to 15 below zero, and it is hard to find the right gloves for this type of work because some merchandise is slippery. These gloves are perfect.”

MCR Safety Happy Customer

Industry Applications

  • Airports
  • Cold weather
  • Commercial fishing
  • Outdoor winter construction
  • Cooler and freezer work
  • Product distribution

Ninja Ice Insulated Work Gloves

This winter work glove features an acrylic terry cloth liner to keep hands warm in cold and harsh temperatures.

This glove is coated with HPT, a moisture-repellent treatment that ensures a stronger grip in wet or dry conditions.

  • SPI product number: MGC450
  • Abrasion resistance: ANSI Level 3
  • Cut resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • Heat resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • The coating remains flexible at temperatures as low as -4ºF or -20ºC
  • Treated with ActiFresh® to help control bacteria and odors


Ninja Ice Nylon Winter Work Gloves

This winter work glove features an acrylic terry cloth liner to keep hands warm in cold and harsh temperatures.

This glove is 3/4 dipped in an HPT coating, a moisture-repellent treatment that ensures a stronger grip in wet or dry conditions.

  • SPI product number: MGV245
  • Abrasion resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • The coating remains flexible at temperatures as low as -4ºF or -20ºC
  • ActiFresh® treatment helps control bacteria and odor


Ninja Ice High-Visibility Winter Work Gloves

Make sure you stay visible in lowlight settings. These high-visibility winter gloves are insulated with an acrylic terry liner to keep your hands warm in harsh winter conditions.

Its HPT coating repels liquid to provide a better grip in wet or dry conditions.

  • SPI product number: MGV330
  • Abrasion resistance: ANSI Level 3
  • Cut resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • Puncture resistance: ANSI Level 2
  • The coating remains flexible at temperatures as low as -4ºF or -20ºC
  • Coated high-visibility winter work gloves that cover the finger joints and palm.
  • ActiFresh® treatment helps control bacteria and odor


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