Introducing the next generation of fall protection systems

The safest fall protection harness is the one you’ll actually want to wear. Each V-SERIES harness includes unique features to deliver exceptional comfort – so you can focus on your work, not your harness.

Superior Comfort

Exclusive racing-style buckle allows for a close, comfortable-fitting harness — eliminating the need for bulky chest straps or cumbersome buckles.

Increased Flexibility

Racing-style buckle creates an athletic cut, contouring the harness to the body for improved upper torso movement on the job.


Pull-down adjustment allows you to quickly get the right fit that lasts throughout the work day.

V-FORM™ features:

  • A racing-style buckle that allows for a perfect fit of the harness
  • An athletic fit that hugs the body while improving the mobility of the worker's upper body
  • Pull down adjustment allows for quick and easy harness adjustment
  • New hexagonal stitching that makes it easy to find broken threads when visually inspecting the harness
  • A dual load indicator that notifies you if the harness has already been dropped
  • An under-buttock strap for maximum comfort
  • A load capacity of 140kg
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V-FORM+ features all the benefits of the V-FORM™ and:

  • A dedicated attachment point for Personal Fall Limiters allows quick and easy attachment and allows your back D-Ring to remain free for other use
  • Four lanyard keepers, including two at the waist to increase comfort and reduce chaffing
  • A coated strap to repel dirt, grease or moisture
  • Shoulder padding to help eliminate pressure points for added comfort.
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V-FIT™ features all the benefits of the V-FORM+ and:

  • The RaceFLEX buckle that allows a perfect fit of the harness, eliminating the use of bulky chest straps
  • Shoulder padding that adapts to your movements and that can be removed for cleaning
  • Horizontal leg straps
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V-FLEX™ features all the benefits of the V-FIT™ and:

  • An exclusive design that reduces the need to adjust the harness throughout the day
  • Thermoformed padding that adjusts to the shape of your shoulders and is designed for cooling
  • Built-in straps to prevent possible suspension trauma in case of a fall
  • Buckles on the shoulder strap that allow for easy adjustment of the harness
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