Infectious disease management

As the world continues to come together to fight the pandemic that impacts us all, it is crucial to protect your workers from the spread of COVID-19 within your organization.

The promotion of safe working conditions and compliance with regulations and sanitary measures are key components of health and safety in the workplace. Employers are obliged to take the necessary measures to do so, using methods and techniques to identify, control, and eliminate risks that may affect occupational health and safety.

SPI will analyze the following points within your company to implement preventive work protocols and procedures:

  • Temporary and controlled removal of symptomatic individuals from the workplace
  • Physical distancing
  • Hand washing
  • Respiratory etiquette
  • Maintaining hygiene measures with frequently touched materials, equipment, and surfaces

Our analysis will become one of your most valuable OHS tools to prevent the spread of viruses, to protect yourself and your co-workers, and to get your operations back up and running smoothly.

Have all the tools at your disposal! Our turnkey service offers you:

  • On-site visit for a tailored assistance
  • Audits of current documents and procedures
  • Overview of preventive measures, corporate protocol, respiratory etiquette, and sanitary procedures
  • Recommendation and establishment of procedures and program for infectious diseases

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