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SPI Health and Safety offers specialized services completely dedicated to the health and safety prevention and protection of freight transport, whether for road, rail or maritime means of transportation.

Improve your practices
With our team of experts, make sure your employees comply with the different regulations and adhere to the best practices to identify and manage OHS risks specific to your sector of activities. Reduce the risks associated with your fleet of vehicles, networks and infrastructure, as well as non-secured dangerous equipment for working at heights or confined space tasks covering maintenance activities.

Trust our experts to properly protect your work team, develop your tailored protection programs according to your needs and reduce the costs generated by accidents. This is your winning plan. 

Examples of health and safety mandates for transport

  • Preparation of prevention programs
    • Training and qualification of workers
  • Global and specific risk analysis for critical issues, such as:
    • Confined space
    • Lockout
    • Machine safety
  • Provide personal protective equipment (PPE) and related training
  • Preventing falls from heights
    • Engineering and installation for the access and work above trucks, railway cars and tank trucks
  • Chemicals management
    • Industrial hygiene and respiratory protection program
    • Transportation of hazardous materials and Globally Harmonized System (GHS)
  • Preparation of lockout procedures for:
    • Vehicle fleet
    • Rail network intervention
  •  Various OHS training

Programs specific to the transport industry

SPI Health and Safety offers a variety of tailored services and solutions adapted to your reality. Reach your health and safety objectives while respecting your timeline and budget.