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Service companies

SPI Health and Safety offers certified health and safety expertise for specialized companies in the chemical sector, subcontracting or project management. Ensure to demonstrate OHS compliance and performance to your customers and stand out from the competition, win more contracts and protect your teams.

Control the OHS risks of your organization, but also those encountered by your team when working at clients as well as the risks you are managing for them. Introduce high OHS standards among your staff.

Reduce the risks of fire, explosion, emanation, or physical contact with toxic substances for your personnel and clients, using our solutions and services.

Rely on training and prevention programs for your team to ensure the use of procedures and equipment. Trust our team of experts to implement and audit your OHS practices as well as for construction project management to comply with safety standards.

Examples of health and safety mandates for service companies

  • Project management
    • Worksite audits
    • Worksite supervision
    • Facilitation of worksite committees
  • Preparation of prevention programs
    • OHS management for subcontractors (training, procedures, equipment)
    • Training and qualification of workers
  • PPE management program (sale, service and training)
    • Equipment wear and care
    • Inspection of PPEs, gas detectors and confined spaces
    • Training of workers
  • Respiratory protection program
    • Selection of the right respiratory protection
    • Leak tests
    • Training of workers
  • Confined space management program
  • Prevention against falls from heights
    • Working and rescue from heights
    • Accessing and working above vats, tanks and trucks
  • Chemicals management (WHMIS, GHS, etc.)

Programs specific to service companies

SPI Health and Safety offers a variety of tailored services and solutions adapted to the reality of all service businesses. Share with us your challenges and issues so we can help you exceed your OHS objectives while respecting your timeline and budget.

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