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SPI Health and Safety has certified health and safety expertise developed for construction worksites. Reduce the ever-present risks at your worksite with solutions and services designed for all corporate clients, contractors and subcontractors.

Ensure your employees use the proper equipment and react more effectively in case of an accident. Trust our team of experts to develop your protection program while respecting the safety code for the construction industry.

Examples of health and safety mandates for construction worksites

  • Prevention management on worksites
  • OHS expert outsourcing
  • Design, installation and inspection of access systems and roof protection
  • Installation and inspection of fire suppression systems on mobile equipment
  • Training offered to construction workers (carpenters, welders, painters, plumbers, etc.) on the following topics:
    • Confined space
    • Working at heights
    • Lockout
    • Electrical safety
    • Respiratory protection, etc.
  • Risk analysis on confined space, lockout, electrical safety and working at heights
  • Development of prevention and OHS action plans
  • Fit testing
  • Training on the responsibilities of the contractor
  • Development of a prevention and management program for the worksite
  • Compliance audits on the worksite
  • PPE inspection (harnesses, lanyards, etc.), and specialized equipment certification (detectors, fall arrest hoists, etc.)
  • Sales and rental of specialized equipment for confined space entry and rescue, fall protection as well as gas detection and respiratory apparatus
  • Confined space attendants, permit issuers and rescuers available
  • Sales of personal protective equipment (boots, glasses, hard hats, etc.)

Programs specific to the construction industry

SPI Health and Safety offers a variety of tailored services and solutions adapted to the reality of each client. Share with us your challenges and issues so we can help you exceed your OHS objectives while respecting your timeline and budget.

    Our clients

    Construction Demathieu & Bard
    Aluma Systems Inc
    Constructions Proco
    CSD Construction
    CRT Construction