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SPI Health and Safety offers certified expertise in health and safety to the aeronautics sector. Control your risks related to the maintenance and repairs of your transport assets.

Ensure your employees comply with the different regulations and best practices concerning confined space, lockout, working at heights, respiratory protection, electrical safety and machine safety.

Trust our team of experts to protect your workers and focus on the training to help you choose the right personal protective equipment.   

Examples of health and safety mandates for the aeronautics sector

  • Evaluation of the risks of falling from a height when performing maintenance on aircraft
  • Control of hazardous energies and lockout for the maintenance of aircraft and flight simulators
  • Procedure management software and lockout and confined space procedures
  • Employee engagement concerning OHS
  • Customized training and practices for your critical risks
  • Risk management software to produce the prevention program for your company
  • Confined space entry and rescue (risk analysis, training, etc.)
  • Accessing and working above aircraft
  • Securing roofs
  • Installation and inspection of anchorage points, rails and lifelines (overhead crane obstacles)
  • Inspection of PPEs, gas detectors and confined space equipment
  • OHS management of subcontractors (training, procedures, equipment)
  • Selection of the right respiratory protection
  • Wear and care of the appropriate equipment
  • Arc flash signage and clothing

Programs specific to the aeronautics sector

SPI Health and Safety offers a wide range of customized services and solutions adapted to your needs. Meet your health and safety objectives, and respect your timeline and budget by trusting the SPI team with your challenges!

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