Ventilated Traps Made of FR Mesh: BIG BILL Patented Technology!

Ventilated Traps Made of FR Mesh: BIG BILL Patented Technology!

6/11/2019 - SPI

With their proven experience gained over the years and after listening to their customers’ needs, BIG BILL created a tailor-made innovation for users of flame-resistant garments: ventilated traps made of fire-resistant mesh (US. PATENT #9,974,347 B2/ CA. PATENT #2,835,852).

The main goal of this brand new technology is to provide a ventilation system inside the garment while retaining its safety features and complying with the industry standards NFPA 70E, CSA Z462, ASTM F1506 and NFPA 2112.

The logic behind the innovation is simple and follows the characteristics of the atmospheric circulation and hot and cold air masses. With a lower weight compared to cold air, hot air tends to rise while cold air drops.

By creating two traps on the garment, the BIG BILL technology ensures the movement of air masses. The ventilated openings behind the back of both legs allow cooler air into the coverall, pushing warmer air up through the upper back and out the sideways air vents, for natural ventilation within the work clothing.

The ventilated openings are located along the back and are specifically constructed to prevent skin exposure, which maintains arc flash and flash fire protection. The patented technology makes sure no debris can enter. With the air pressure released during an arc flash explosion or flash fire exposure, the traps with the fire-resistant mesh are specially designed to close automatically.

The openings are constructed with a double layer fire-resistant fabric folded and combined with a layer of 100% FR modacrylic mesh. This additional layer used in the fabric increases the level of protection, making this garment even safer. The FR mesh located in-between the folded double layer of fabric allows cool air to circulate into your coverall, pushing out hot air, thus creating a ventilation system.