Superior Glove TenActiv: Superior Quality and Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

Superior Glove TenActiv: Superior Quality and Cut-Resistant Work Gloves

12/6/2016 - SPI

Hand injuries are the second leading cause of work accidents in North America and the cost represents several billion dollars each year for companies. Sometimes irreversible, these hand injuries can also have an important impact on companies that can experience a productivity slowdown, an increase in uncompleted work and worker absenteeism due to injuries.

Superior Glove has made of hand protection its priority and offers to organizations the benefits of the most infallible protection. The Canadian company specialized in the manufacturing of professional use gloves has developed the TenActiv product line to meet the needs of workers exposing their hands to different risks on a daily basis. Whatever the dedicated application, TenActiv gloves meet the highest safety standards.

Designed to provide optimum mechanical protection, TenActiv gloves guarantee the state-of-the-art cut, puncture and abrasion resistance.

As a result of extensive research and ever more demanding testing, the TenActiv gloves are composed of different layers, each playing a role in protecting your hands.

TenActiv high-performance cut-resistant gloves meet the following classification and applications:

ansi2ASTM ANSI Cut Level A4 l 
1500 - 2199 grams to cut
Medium cut hazards: appliance manufacturing, bottle and light glass handling, canning, dry walling, electrical, carpet installation, HVAC, pulp and paper, automotive assembly, metal fabrication, metal handling, packaging, warehouse, aerospace industry, food prep/processing.


ansi3ASTM ANSI Puncture Resistant Level 3
Offers medium protection against punctures



Outstanding durability

The high-resistance composite fiber fits the contour of the hand and stays in place whatever the movements. The single-filament yarn is stronger than steel, providing your equipment with outstanding durability.

Secure grip and waterproof

The nitrile and polyurethane coating inside the palm and fingers provide workers with a secure grip, resistant to punctures, cuts and abrasion while being waterproof, including to oils and solvents.

Used for all types of work (mechanical, heavy maintenance, do-it-yourself, metallurgy, masonry), TenActiv gloves are 15 gauges thick. The palm offers a high friction coefficient, allowing a firm hold on all types of material to handle.

Protection, dexterity, insulation and comfort

The inside made of foam nitrile offers comfort in all circumstances and allows unhindered blood flow while providing a snug fit. Lightweight and flexible, the ergonomic design is also breathable, increasing the comfort and dexterity, while allowing maximum motricity.

Insulating against the cold with its inner lining, the TenActiv glove can be used both indoor and outdoor, all year long, even in cold weather. Their silicone-free composition was developed to avoid potential allergies, and with greater skin breathability.

Impact-resistant models are equipped with protective thermoplastic rubber above the fingers and hands, protecting phalanxes and joints against impacts and cuts. The ergonomic design of the backing provides optimum protection, allowing essential dexterity to accomplish precision tasks with speed of movement.

Compliance with the highest safety standards

Meeting the 388 4544 standards, the TenActiv glove line is designed to handle sharp objects such as glass, metal and oily automotive parts. The manufacturer Superior Glove, accredited by DuPont, inventor of Kevlar, guarantees that all its products undergo the most rigorous testing and inspections performed by its control team as well as external test centers.

The very high quality of this glove and its unbeatable price/durability ratio makes it the perfect product for professionals in the fields of mechanics, building, construction and every worker handling surfaces and materials presenting risks for the hands. Protect the most valuable resources of your organization and equip your workers with Superior Glove TenActiv high-performance cut-resistant gloves.

For Superior Glove, protection is a priority and the company is always seeking to improve the protection equipment to render them as infallible possible.