Discover the RhinoGuard Textile Composite!

Discover the RhinoGuard Textile Composite!

6/11/2019 - SPI

The industrial environment requires increased protection for the workers. From head to toe, each piece of personal protective equipment has been created to ensure the physical integrity and safety of the users. However, how to ensure physical protection and integrity without adversely affecting productivity?

Given that the more hostile is a work environment, the more important, and even more bothersome, is the work equipment, manufacturers are responsible for finding solutions to solve the protection, comfort and productivity issues.

In response to those pressing needs of the workers, Tilsatec designed a resistant, flexible and lightweight material. RhinoGuardTM is a high-tech textile composite designed to provide the highest protection levels against a wide range of puncture and needlestick risks. Constructed from the innovative combination of perfected fibers, a structure of modified fabric and a unique coating technology, this system offers high protection levels against puncture risks, small and big, including needles and syringes.

To comply with the standards, the fabric has completed rigorous puncture testing by an independent accredited organization. Puncture resistance has been measured according to the standardized method ASTM F1342-05 using a conical puncture probe with a diameter equal to 2 mm and a rounded tip with a radius of 0.25 mm. A new needle is used prior each attempt, and for each test, the probe had bent but not penetrated the fabric.

The RhinoGuardTM technology is available for hand and arm protection, as well as for body protection with gloves, sleeves, full cuffs and aprons.

Gloves are equipped with this composite, covering the palm of the hand, fingers, in-between fingers and fingertips to make sure the areas vulnerable to incidents have superior protection. Sleeves and cuffs are entirely made of composite. The apron offers high RhinoGuardTM protection over the chest, abdomen and legs, which are the most at risk of cuts and punctures.

In terms of performance, all RhinoGuardTM registered products get the standard ANSI class 5 puncture resistance. For cut protection, some products achieve a class 5 protection as others, such as the apron, obtain a class 4 protection. They all have interesting and unique characteristics. Contact one of our representatives now for more information on these products!