Ansell Guardian: Optimizing Costs While Improving Safety

Ansell Guardian: Optimizing Costs While Improving Safety

10/2/2018 - SPI

Since its creation, Ansell is committed to helping companies choose the best gloves to protect their employees against potential risks. The unique audit program of Ansell Guardian® is an invaluable tool to achieve this objective.

Ansell Guardian® is an exclusive service intended to help organizations select the best personal protective equipment for their safety, productivity and cost needs. It is a service involving a simple yet clear process, with only one thing in mind: increase the safety, productivity and profitability of customers by addressing the main cost factors.

The seven cost factors

  • Performance improvements
  • Product standardization
  • Controls
  • Product management
  • Injury prevention
  • Training
  • Productivity

By focusing on the most relevant key areas, the Ansell Guardian® program provides the recommendations with the most impact for your company. The Ansell Guardian® solution can be implemented in a single department or throughout the company, and even deployed globally.

The Ansell Guardian® strategy is based on the DMAIC Six Sigma methodology, using a coherent approach for each operational area covered.

The Ansell Guardian® methodology

1. Analysis: Ansell and the customer’s team discuss of the company’s objectives and understand the safety requirements.
2. Comparison: Understand the needs, establish the current performance baseline to later quantify improvements.
3. Improvement: Develop an implementation plan to improve activities.
4. Measurement: Quantify the success of the program compared to the baseline and set new reference points.
5. Expansion: Implement the Guardian® plan within your organization.
6. Commitment: Continue to monitor the success and performance of our recommendations and make adjustments as your company evolves over time.

For each customer benefiting from the program, Ansell lists and visualizes the specific needs of each unit and compares them to existing safety solutions. Results are presented in a first report that reveals the improvement possibilities in hand protection, and shows the effect of applying recommendations from the program.

In accordance with the program’s methodology, Ansell also suggests a trial period during which the company can put into practice the proposed solutions. Ansell then evaluates the trials until all products that best meet the needs of the company have been verified. These solutions are summarized in the final report. These PPE solutions will help you optimize hand protection within your organization.

How Ansell Guardian® helped ADC save $115,000

To better understand the program flow and scope within the company, let us look at a drilling company from Saudi Arabia: ADC.

ADC is an oil company operating onshore and offshore drilling rigs. Prior to implementing the Ansell Guardian® program, the managers of ADC were aware of the need to address the issue of impact-resistant gloves, but only had a limited knowledge of the types of gloves best suited to the different tasks performed by their employees.

ADC called upon Ansell to meet the following objectives: improve the quality of the hand protection solutions already in use, standardize the glove selection for each type of use, offer a better health and safety cost control and reduce the number of employee complaints concerning the durability of impact-resistant gloves.

Ansell launched the program by planning meetings leading to the first analysis of the needs of the company for the four different drilling platforms. Following the success of this first analysis, the program was expanded to all the company’s drilling platforms. Then, the teams of the Ansell Guardian® program submitted the results to the management of ADC, which greatly appreciated the Ansell expertise.

The implementation of the Ansell Guardian® program allowed ADC to improve the safety standards and cost control significantly. In addition to providing the proper gloves, Ansell deployed an after-sale training program to all 37 platforms managed by the company. These training tools have improved the knowledge on how important is hand protection. The reduction of accidents, the standardization of the glove selection and the evaluation of the best safety/price ratio for each position within the company allowed ADC to save more than $115,000 in comparison with the previous year.

Would you like to improve the hand safety of your employees while optimizing your health and safety costs? Don’t hesitate to communicate with SPI Health and Safety about the Ansell Guardian® program.