All About Arm Protection at Work

All About Arm Protection at Work


Did you know that the cost of an accident equals four times a worker’s salary? Don’t worry! Wearing the right hand protection has been proven to reduce the relative risk of injury by 60%.

But what about the arms? Workplace hazards don’t end at the wrist—just like hands; workers’ arms may be exposed to cuts, burns, thermal heat, or abrasions. 

Protective sleeves are commonly forgotten when it comes to keeping the arm safe. Unfortunately, it’s conceivable that your arms may be exposed to many of the same risks that your hands would be, and why endanger your arms if you don’t have to?

Why Wear Arm Protection?

Often, workers’ sole concern may be hand protection, not realizing that injuries such as cuts and burns to the arms are preventable and unnecessary. Protective sleeves for your arms eliminate on-the-job hazards that may come from routine tasks such as reaching over barrels that contain sharp materials or reaching under machinery.

Burns, hot materials, or radiant heat are additional hazards that could be easily avoidable by wearing the right arm protection. 

How to Choose the Right Arm Protection 

There is a broad variety of characteristics to study when selecting the proper arm protection since they come in a wide range of lengths and styles. It is important to consider the type of tasks in which the sleeve will be used to select the proper feature for the correct application.


Sleeves often come in custom lengths, ranging from 10" to 22". Consider the length you need for your task: would you need the whole arm or only the forearm covered?


Depending on the line of work you’re in, you’ll be able to choose through the vast variety of features sleeves have to offer. High-visibility, disposable, cut-resistant, puncture-resistant, flame-resistant and beyond — select the feature that fits your needs!


Thumbholes will help keep the sleeve in place on your arm without slipping up or down. This feature can provide protection for your palms and wrist against cuts or scratches.

Superior Glove Tapered Sleeves for Added Comfort:

On top of the offerings that are now standard in arm protection such as optional thumbhole to better secure the sleeve and prevent slippage when reaching up, Superior Glove offers hand and arm protection products of high quality and made in Canada. Their sleeves are easily washable and come in a wide range of sizes for men and women.

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