How to care for your work boots to make it through our canadian winter

How to care for your work boots to make it through our canadian winter

1/18/2019 - SPI

To prepare appropriately for the winter season, each worker must learn how to adequately protect their work boots. The right protection, as well as regular maintenance, will be beneficial on several levels: an increase in the boots service life and improvement of your comfort during long work days. The maintenance of your boots includes a few steps, such as the daily cleaning, waxing as well as applying a specialized protector.

Daily cleaning

In winter, after your work shift, you should always wipe your boots with a damp cloth to remove the accumulated calcium as much as possible. In case of a considerable buildup, an in-house solution made of 50% vinegar and 50% water can be applied to dislodge the toughest dirt.

Regular waxing and protector application

Waxing is also a step that should not be neglected. A good waxing of your work boots will ensure leather hydration to prevent premature drying, cracking or deteriorating. There are many types of waxes on the market and it is important to choose the right one adapted to your boot. Refer to the table below or to a specialist. For optimal wax application, ensure to coat the entire surface of the boot, including stitches and the junction between the upper and the sole. It is also recommended to remove the laces to apply the product properly to the tongue.

Full-grain leather Nubuck Shieldtex
Grease or wax applied with a cloth or in spray form Spray solution designed for this type of suede “All-purpose” shoe protector

Quick tips

  • Never dry your boots near an electric baseboard or heater (the heat is too intense and risks accelerating leather cracking);
  • Always remove the insole to ensure it is thoroughly dried before the next use;
  • Do not use soap to clean the leather of your boots.

This winter, don’t forget that the secret to a longer life for your boots is the diligence of your maintenance!