Off-road and heavy vehicles: how to protect your investment

Off-road and heavy vehicles: how to protect your investment

10/4/2016 - SPI

The mining, forestry, environmental and transport industries are investing significantly in heavy mobile equipment that often runs around the clock. These machines contain great amounts of flammable or combustible liquids that can catch fire from any source of ignition caused by a breakdown or mechanical failure.

To equip these vehicles with fire suppression systems using Ansul LVS wet chemicals systems is a smart investment, thus avoiding costly repairs, preventing insurance premium increases and minimizing downtime while reducing the risks of severe injuries. How to protect your vehicles with ANSUL LVS systems?

Ansul LVS fire extinguishing systems

ANSUL® LVS extinguishing systems are specifically designed to put out firestaking place on mobile equipment used ina variety of industries.The extinguishing agents in the LVS suppression system ensure that the fire is smothered and the heated surfaces cooled by covering the fuel and lowering the oxygen level so flames are not revived. They flow easily into hard-to-reach areas by following the same path as the flammable liquids. Also,the wet chemical provides very good frost protection and can produce foam as is the case for conventional Class B liquid agents.

The CHECKFIRE system is used in conjunction with the LVS system for detection and automatic activation in case of a fire, 24 hours a day. The rugged control module is designed to withstand shock, vibration and extreme environmental conditions.

Benefits of installing the ANSUL LVS system

  • Quick fire extinguishing
  • Cooling and securing
  • Automatic or manual operation
  • 24-hour, 7 days a week fire detection
  • Several design options, FM approved and CE marked
  • Proven configuration options/multi-cartridge design
  • Efficient for various detection types/manual or automatic activation

Protecting varied sizes and shapes of machinery used in different conditions carries its own set of challenges. Contact our experts now to identify the best system for your needs.