Superior Glove Dexterity® 15-Gauge Nylon String Knit with Nitrile Palm Work Gloves

$5.08 /
  • Canadian suppliers: Yes
  • Coated: Yes
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  • Model Name: Dexterity
  • Brand: Superior Glove
  • Coating Material: Nitrile
  • Shell Material: Nylon, Knit
  • Disposable product: False
  • Protection Type: Abrasion resistance, Puncture resistance
  • Abrasion resistant: ANSI 3
  • Puncture resistant: ANSI 2
  • Gauge: 15
  • Industry: Construction
  • Applications: Maintenance
Nitrile stands up extremely well to oils, fuels, and some organic solvents
Lint-free, fine-gauge nylon knit is soft, flexible, hard-wearing
Grey/black color combo hides dirt and stains for longer wear
Ergonomic hand shape reduces fatigue
Uncoated backs for breathability