Top Dog 6 Mil Reusable Polyurethane Protective Sleeves with Elastic at Both Ends

$12.98 /
  • Brand: Top Dog
  • Coating Material: Polyurethane
  • Delta Last Modified: 5/6/2021 3:02:00 PM
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Industry: Food
  • Product Type: Safety sleeve
  • Protection Type: Abrasion resistance, Resistance against chemicals
  • Thickness: 6
  • Water resistant: Yes
Made with 6 mil pure polyurethane
CFIA, FDA/USDA and EU compliant
18″ / 46cm
Bacteria proof
Will never crack or stiffen
Chemical and abrasion resistant
Superior against: fats, oils, and degreasers
Machine washable
Dryer safe to 82°C/180°F