3M™ Protecta® Rebel™ Self Retracting Lifeline for Leading Edge

$969.98 /
  • Brand: Protecta
  • Canadian suppliers: Yes
  • Class: SRL-LE
  • Delta Last Modified: 12/15/2021 1:54:00 PM
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Hook Type: Swivel
  • Lifeline hook: Steel swiveling snap hook
  • Material: Galvanized Steel
  • Standards: CAN/CSA Z259.2.2
Designed for leading edge applications
Lightweight, durable thermoplastic housing
Stackable housing design
Built-in carrying handle
Galvanized steel cable lifeline
Internal and external energy absorption systems
Swiveling self-locking snap hook with impact indicator
Reserve lifeline system
Swiveling anchorage point
Side lifeline exit with ergonomic handle
High strength, corrosion-resistant components
Self-locking anchorage carabiner