3M OX OTG Safety Glasses without Coating

YLU200 MFG #: 12159-00000-20
$4.28 /
  • Anti-UV protection (%): 99.9
  • Applications: Heavy dust environments, Maintenance, Painting
  • Brand: 3M Canada
  • Delta Last Modified: 8/4/2020 6:37:00 AM
  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Enrichment Status: New
  • Frame material: Plastic
  • Frame style: Frameless
  • Lens color: Clear
  • Lens marking: Z87 +
  • Lens material: Polycarbonate
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): 3M CANADA COMPANY
  • Model Name: OX
  • Model Number Color: YLU200
  • Product Type: Over-the-glass safety glasses
  • Safety standards/Class: ANSI Z87.1-2015, CSA Z94.3
Lightweight and adjustable, OX over-the-glass protective eyewear offers an extended field of vision with its wide profile. Its seamless lens with built-in sideshields secures an uninterrupted sight range with over-the-glass coverage. OX protective eyewear increases comfort and provides custom fit and adjustability for the prescription eyeglass wearer