3M DBI Sala Hook2Hook Tether

7001.500.142 MFG #: 1500159
$33.98 /
  • Brand: Capital Safety
  • Canadian suppliers: Yes
  • Color: Yellow
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  • Editor Enrichment Status: Not Started
  • Enrichment Status: New
  • Hook Type: Swivel
  • Manufacturer (Supplier): CAPITAL SAFETY GROUP CANADA UL
  • Material: Vinyl-coated braided steel
  • Material: Steel
  • Model Name: Hook2Hook
  • Model Number Color: 7001.500.142
  • Product Type: Cables and lanyards for tool holders
  • Safety standards/Class: ANSI / ISEA 121-2018
  • Size: OneSizeFitsAll
  • Sub-brand: DBI Sala
  • Type of locking: Dual locking
Compact design stays close to the body
Third party certified to a 5 lb. (2.3 kg) maximum capacity with 2:1 safety factor
Lightweight dual locking aluminum carabiners
Vinyl-coated braided steel coil
Ergonomic swivel
Single pack
4 in. (10.2 cm) in length relaxed, 62 in. (157.5 cm) in length stretched
Tool tether, coil tether with swivel, 5 lb. (2.3 kg) capacity, single leg with self-locking carabiner hooks at both ends.
3M™ DBI SALA® Hook2Hook Coil Tool Tether features a swivel hook, making tools like screwdrivers and wrenches easier to use. It is a tethering solution specifically designed for tools weighing up to 5 lb. (2.3 kg). With a relaxed length of 4 inches, and a stretched length of 62 inches, this tool tether stays out of the way when not in use. An extra thick PU coating around the coil prevents kinking and allows the coil to retain its form. Suitable for use from holsters, belts, harnesses and tool pouches alike, the Hook2Hook Coil Tool Tether is a versatile solution that is both resistant to heat and to sharp objects. Lightweight aluminum carabiners on either side of the extension feature locking screw down nuts that cannot be removed.